CAB A4+ label printer

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CAB A4+/200 with tear off plate, 203 dpi, Serial/USB/Ethernet, incl. label software of the manufacturer , standard industrial printer, texts, rough, low-res graphics 12 months
Special Price $2180.25
CAB A4+/200P with dispense function, 203 dpi, Serial/USB/Ethernet, incl. label software of the manufacturer , base model with dispenser, texts, rough, low-res graphics 12 months
CAB A4+/300 Thermotransfer/direkt with tear off plate, Serial/USB/Ethernet, incl. label software of the manufacturer , graphics, 1D and 2D barcodes 12 months
CAB A4+/300P with dispense function, 300 dpi, Serial/USB/Ethernet, incl. label software of the manufacturer , graphics, 1D and 2D barcodes, base model with dispenser 12 months
CAB A4+/600 dpi, tear-off edge, interfaces: USB, network interface (Ethernet) , incl. label software of the manufacturer, max. Print Speed: 100 mm/s | 3.94 inch/s, max. Print Width: 105.6 mm | 4.16", Memory: 8 MB Flash, 64 MB RAM 12 months

De CAB A4+ printer wordt geleverd met een gratis PC label design software. (CAB R2-lite). Dit laat u toe om professionele etiketten te ontwerpen en te printen.
CAB is een Duits merk dat staat voor topkwaliteit. Geostick is er trots op de producten van CAB aan te mogen bieden. De printers van CAB zijn veelzijdige printers met een modulaire opbouw en breed toepassingsgebied. Deze printers kunnen tevens worden uitgerust met diverse opties zoals o.a. snijmes, opwikkelaars en WiFi.

cab A4+ Printer Functions

The cab A+ printer series was created for the continuous three shift operation in an industrial environment. Our highest ambition during developing this printer was its long-life cycle- and you'll love the details!

  • Full metal cover
  • Precision axles
  • Constant load bearings
  • Enlarged temperature application area
  • High-power motor

cab A4+ Printer Specifications

Print Head

Print Method
Thermal Transfer/ Direct Thermal

Print Resolution
TT: 203dpi
DT: 300dpi

Print Speed
Up to 25mm/s

Print Width
TT: 104mm
DT: 105.6mm


Labels, Continuous Rolls or Fan-folded
Paper, cardboard, textile, synthetics like PET, PE, PP, PVC, PU, Acrylat, PI

Material Thickness
0.055mm to 1.2mm
60 to 300 gm

Label Width*
20 to 116mm

Width of Liner of of Continuous Material
25 to 120mm

Label Height*
4 to 1000mm

Label Height When Dispensing
12 to 200mm

Media Roll
Total diameter: Up to 205mm
Core diameter: 38 to 100mm
Winding direction: Outside or inside


Outside or inside

Roll Diameter
Up to 80mm

Core Diameter

Ribbon Length Variable
Up to 500m

Up to 114mm

Internal Rewinder (Only Peel-Off Version)

Total Diameter
Up to 142 bis mm

Core Diameter

Winding Direction
Only outside

Printer Dimensions

Height x Depth
274m x 446mm



Label Sensor

See-Through Sensor
For leading edge of the label or punching marks and end of material

Reflective Sensor
From bottom/ from top for printing marks

Distance to Locating Edge
5mm to 53mm


High speed 32 bit ColdFire/Clock rate 266MHz


Memory IFFS
8MB Flash

Slot for Memory CompactFlash-car Type I

Slot for Wireless LAN-Card

Battery Cache
For real-time clock, printout of time and date
Storage of data with shut-down

Warning Signal
Acoustic signal when error


RS232C 1.200 up to 230.400 Baud/8 bit
USB 2.0 high speed slave for PC-connection
Ethernet 10/100 Base T, LPD, RawlP-Printing, ftp-Printing, DHCP, HTTP, FPT, SMTP, SNMP, TIME, Zeroconf., mDNS, SOAP
Peripheral connection

Centronics B-Directional acc. IEEE 1284
RS422, RS485 1.200 up to 230.400 Baud/8 bit
WLAN card 802.11b/g WEPWPA PSK (TKIP)

2 x USB Master
For external operation panel, keyboard, scanner or service key

Operation Data

Power Supply
100 to 240V
50/60 Hz, PFC

Power Consumption
Max. 300W

Operation Temperature
10C to 35C

30 to 85% non condensing

CE, FCC class A, CB, CCC, UL

* Depending on label size, material and adhesive limitations are possible.
Critical material or applications have to be tested and cleared.

Operation Panel

Buttons Illuminated/ LED-Graphics
Pause, Feed, Cancel, Menu, Enter, 4 x Cursor

LCD Graphic Display
Width 60, Height 40mm
4 lines, characters about 20

Time, date, digital or analog clock
19 language settings
System settings, print parameters, interfaces, security


Stop Printing If
End of ribbon
End of labels
Print head open

On the Display
Data reception
WLAN field intensity
Ethernet state
Used memory
Temperature print head
Access to memory card
Remaining quantity of ribbon
Date sheet
abc Debug
Input buffer

Test Routines

System Diagnosis
When switched on with testing of print head

Short Status, Status Print
Font list, device list, WLAN state, profile of label, test grid, monitor mode, PPP state

Status Reports
Extensive status print with information about setting, e.g. print length counter, runtime counter etc.
Request of machine state via software command. Detailed status messages on the display, e.g. network error-no link, barcode error etc.


Font Types
5 Bitmap fonts incl. OCR-A, OCR-B and 3 Vector fonts Swiss 721, Swiss 721 Bold and Monospace 821 available internally, loadable TrueType fonts.
Optional Chinese (simplified Chinese)
Optional Thai

Character Sets
Windows 1250 up to 1257, DOS 437, 737, 775, 850, 852, 857, 862, 864, 866, 869, EBCDIC 500, ISO 8859-1 up to -10 and -13 up to -16, WinOEM 720, UTF-8, Macintosh Roman, DEC MCS, K0I8-R. All West and East European Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew and Arabic characters are supported. Optional Thai and Chinese.

Bitmap Fonts
Size of width and height 1 to 3mm zoom 2 to 10. Orientation 0, 90, 180, 270

Vector-/TrueType Fonts
Size of width and height 0.9 to 128mm variable zoom, Orientation 360 in steps of 1

Font Formats
Bold, italic, underlined, outline, negative, grey, vertical, depending on character fonts

Font Width


Graphic Elements
Line, arrow, box, circle, ellipse, filled and filled with fading

Graphic Formats


Linear Barcodes
Code 39
Code 93
Code 39 Full ASCII
Code 128 A, B, C
EAN 8, 13
EAN/UPC Appendix 2
EAN/UPC Appendix 5
Inerleaved 2/5
Ident- and leader code of Deutsche Post AG
JAN 8, 13
RSS 14
UPC A, E, E0

2D Codes
Aztec, Codablock F, Data Matrix, PDF 417, Micro PDF 417, UPS Maxicode, QR-Code, RSS 14 truncated, limited, stacked and stacked omnidirectional, EAN-Datamatrix, GS1 Data Bar
All codes variable in height, module width and ratio. Orientation 0, 90, 180, 270. Optionally with check digit, printed characters and Start/Stop code depending on code type.


J-Script direct programming
abc-Basic Compiler
Option: Database Connector

System Diagnosis/ Administration
Printer monitoring
Option: Network Manager

cab Label Software
Option: cablabel R2 Lite*
Option: cablabel R2 Pro, Easylabel, Codesoft

Additional Label Software
Nicelabel, Bartender, Label Matrix, Labelview (authorized distribution by resellers)

Windows Driver
2000, XP 32/64 bit, 2003 32/64 bit, Vista 32/64 bit

Mac Driver*
OS X printer driver from version 10.3

Linux Driver
Tested with Suse 9.0, CUPS based

Stand-Alone Operation

* Not for XD4M

Manufacturer CAB
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